WORKING PAPERS (*) - coauthor presented
Regulatory Spillover: Evidence from Classifying Municipal Bonds as High-Quality Liquid Assets (Hutchins Center Working Paper #68)
     Job Market Paper
     Presentations: University of Minnesota (2020), AAA/Deloitte/J. Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium                 (2020), and Brookings Institution Municipal Finance Conference (2020)
     Accepted for presentation: 2020 LBS Transatlantic Doctoral Conference (Cancelled due to the COVID         Pandemic).
     Media Mention: The Bond Buyer

Regulatory Leniency and Depositor Discipline with Michael Iselin (Minnesota), Allison Nicoletti (Pennsylvania), and Helen Zhang (Minnesota)
     Presentations: Rice University (2020)*, St. Louis Fed/Indiana University Workshop on Financial                       Institutions Research (2020)*, and Columbia University (2020)*

Pressure from the Crowd: Crowd-Sourced Earnings Forecasts and Earnings Management with K.R. Subramanyam (USC) and Ivy Zhang (UC-Riverside)
     Presentations: City University of Hong Kong (2019)*, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2019)*, AAA               FARS Midyear Meeting (2020)*, University of Arizona (2020)*, and USC (Scheduled Fall 2020)*

Protecting Wall Street or Main Street: SEC Monitoring and Enforcement of Retail-Owned Firms with Michael Iselin (Minnesota), Bret Johnson (George Mason), and Jacob Raleigh (Minnesota)
     Presentations: University of Minnesota (2019), BYU Accounting Research Symposium (2019)*, Hawaii             Accounting Research Conference (2020)*, and AAA Annual Meeting (2020)

Facial Masculinity of Engagement Partners and Audit Quality with Andrew Fluharty (Minnesota-Duluth), Xinyuan Shao (Minnesota), and Pervin Shroff (Minnesota)
     Draft Writing Stage

Mark-to-Model Fair Value Accounting and Systemic Risk with Scott Liao (Toronto), Ethan Yao (Minnesota), and Helen Zhang (Minnesota)

     Data Analysis Stage